Käytävämatot, työpistematot, tuulikaappimatot ja logomatot

Mats for all spaces



Ari Entrance Mat is especially designed to be placed at the antranceways of shopping malls, markets, office and industry premises as well as apartment buildings. The mat is suited for indoor and outdoor use. Read more.


Dust control mats

Large or small Entrances, heavy or light traffic areas. High water absorpion. Read more.


Aluminium Profile mats

Aluminium profile mats are doormat with rubber cleaning inserts seated in aluminium profiles. Units are coupled with stainless steels cables. Read more.


Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mats

The cushioning effect of anti-fatigue matting allows continous micro-movements of the feet, which minimizes blood pooling in the legs. This may also go hand-in-hand with the desire to reduce slips and falls. Read more.