Entrance mats

Ari Entrance Mat is especially designed to be placed at the antranceways of shopping malls, markets, office and industry premises as well as apartment buildings. The mat is suited for indoor and outdoor use.

The efficiency of the Ari Mat is based on it's 1746 soft edges/m2 wich ensures efficient debris removal. The edges also soften the step thus making the mat comfortable to walk on. Symmetrical surface patterning enables efficiency regardless of walking direction. Due to material and patterning the mat is never slippery.

The mat consist of 150mm x 150mm tiles joined together with a patented attachement method that makes the seams invisible. The invisibility of the tile seams ensures an elegant and tidy appearence. The modules are attached from all sides leaving no open seams in the mat. The attachement method does not require any special tools, which makes it very easy to fix a damaged mat.

The water grooves on the back of the mat allow water to flow freely under the mat and stop moisture from staying in the patterns.

If there is no recess availeble, the mat can be anchored in place with specially designed anchors.

Module size 50mm x 50mm is designed primarily for forming logos and text. By combining these logo elements into basic elements a unique, customized look can be formed.



  • Plastic and NBR compound
  • Tested for mat use
  • Designed to endure heavy use
  • UV resistant material


  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer

 Product information

  • Thicnesses: 12.50mm, 16mm, 21mm and 25mm
  • Weight (kg/m2): 5.2, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1
  • Colours: grey, black, blue, green, red and brick red
  • Logo colors 50mm x 50mm: grey, black, blue, brick red

More information

Please e-mail petri@kt-kiinteistotarvike.fi or aulis@kt-kiinteistotarvike.fi for further information.

Symmetrical pattern ensures afficiency regardless of direction.

The mat can be anchored into place when needed.

The mat can easily be cut into all shapes.

A chamfer strip can also be used in surface mounting of the mat.