Wet area mats

Ari wet are mats

Due to its smooth surface this mat is especially well suited to locker rooms, washing areas, pool areas, balconies and other wet areas. The smooth surface of the mat makes it comfortable to stand on and easy to wipe clean. The material is flaxible which makes it easy to handle and roll for cleaning.

Wet area mat consist of 150mm x 150mm modules, whose material and attachement method is identical to Ari entrance mat.



  • Plastic and NBR compound
  • Tested for mat use
  • Designed to endure heavy use
  • UV resistant material


  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer

Product information

  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Weight (kg/m2): 4.8kg
  • Colours: blue, grey, green, beige, red, white and brick red

More information

Please e-mail petri@kt-kiinteistotarvike.fi or aulis@kt-kiinteistotarvike.fi for further information.

A comfortable surface for bare feet is an important feature. The mat must stay in place on a moist surface but it must be easily movable when cleaning the floors.

Basic colours: blue, grey, green, beige, red and white.